I’ve lost my marbles


Here we are again, blog.  It is 12:25am and sleep seems unreachable. Perhaps it’s buried under the pile of collectible dolls in this episode of Hoarders I’m half-watching.  Too tired for my customary post-Hoarders (or derivative post-Hoarding: Buried Alive) maelstrom of panicked cleaning.  And yet, not tired enough to slip under my air-conditioned sheets.  And what’s better than cool sheets?

Big life changes coming soon. Big, debt-accruing, chest-constricting, bear-down-and-learn-dammit changes.  Big, FANTASTIC changes.  So, time to get writing again.  Time to knock the dust off.  In the words of Tootles from Hook, “Time to fight, time to fly, time to crow.”  Yeah, that’s right.



One thought on “I’ve lost my marbles


    Wanna be writing buddies? I’ve been in kind of a slump for the past 6 months or so as well.

    (Wow. I just realized how creepy that all could come off…)

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