Girls Girls Girls


I just finished watching another episode of Girls (thank you HBO Go). I actually had most of a ponderous post about my annoyances with the show written out, and have just deleted it (on purpose). It wasn’t about the whole “exactly WHO are these girls are supposed to speak for demographically?” issue, because that poor horse has been beaten enough with the fiery whip of political correctness already. LET THE POOR HORSE DIE!  It was about the fact that the “learning experiences” these four hipsterettes are supposed to be enduring with so much pithy pathos and wine are completely absurd.  I think this sums it all up, and then I will be done.  No one, no one, eats cupcakes in the tub. Think of the mess. That icing would get everywhere. Every. Where.

Also, get a real job, everyone on that show.


The Graduate Student/Burgeoning Freelance Writer

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