One thought on “Napcabs Debuts Sleeping Pods at Munich Airport | Travel News from Fodor’s Travel Guides

  1. Hindrek

    Had an overnight flight via Munich some days ago (March 07/08). The airport was exceptionally noisy in the middle of dead night (the cleaning staff shouting and screaming, their machinery making noise, etc) so I could not sleep on the bench and decided to take some hrs (altogether approx 3,5 hrs) off in one of the napcabs. Although, as it turned out, this was a big mistake.

    Checked in and out as appropriate, entered my data for invoice, and the latter arrived correctly to my e-mail. The total sum on the bill was 34.50 EUR.

    They have a weird system that “at check-in a 100 EUR prebooking transaction is taken from the credit or debit card. At check-out the total sum is calculated and cleared or credited with the prebooking amount”. During some next 1…2 days the prebooking amount 100 EUR was steadily booked (reserved) at my credit account. I thought / hoped that this is temporary and will be released sooner or later. However, right now, visiting my internet bank, discovered that eventually the whole 100 EUR had debited (yes, debited – not just pre-booked anymore) from my credit account. Despite the fact that the actual bill, as said, was ‘only’ 34.50.

    Don’t know (neither care) whether this is any kind of mistake / technical failure, or intentional robbery – doesn’t really matter for me, both options are absolutely reprehensible and unacceptable. Already tomorrow (i.e. immediately) start to investigate what are the available proceedings (on EU level, if necessary) for me to get my unjustly charged money back. Hopefully there is still some chance. So far, just in case, WARNING all possible future prospects (by posting this message in all possible internet forums) from using these napcabs – one may eventually pay several times (in my case almost 3 times) more than was supposed to.

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